Brilliant solutions for your home hot water needs...

LPG Gas Hot Water Heater Systems

Enjoy the luxury of endless hot water with continuous flow LPG gas hot water systems. LPG gas hot water systems are energy efficient, compact, quiet and affordable.

Choose the top selling Rinnai Infinity 26 LPG gas water heater or a quality German engineered Bosch LPG gas water heater.  All great choices!


 Get 5 Star or greater efficiency

 You'll never run out of hot water with continuous flow units

 Quiet operation with no fans or compressors

 Wall mounted and compact space saving designs

 Optional temperature controls in different rooms



LPG gas boosted solar hot water systems are another option.  You harness the energy of the sun to heat your hot water and keep operating costs low.  An LPG gas booster is also included for days without sun or during times when you need a lot of hot water so, rain or shine, you never run out of hot water.




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