The smart way to heat your home...

Home Heating with LPG Gas

With LPG gas heating, you'll enjoy heat that warms your home quickly and efficiently.  LPG gas is a clean low carbon way to enjoy safe, reliable and convenient home heating.


 Portable LPG gas heaters come in a three different types:

♦ LPG gas heaters that heat by convection with fan forced heat

LPG gas heaters that provide radiant warmth

LPG gas heaters that combine convection and radiant heating 

 Flued gas heaters with convection heating

 Power flued LPG gas heaters with no indoor emissions

 Gas Fireplaces & Gas Log Fire Heaters

 Energy Star Ratings up to 5.8 stars

 LPG gas heaters with heat output up to 30Mj

 Choice of colours and styles

 Great safety features

 Quality LPG gas heater manufacturers




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