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LPGenius FAQs and 'How To’ Instructions

 How do I order LPG gas bottles?

If you are a New Customer, you can Open a New LPG Gas Account Online.

If you are an Existing Customer, just log in to the Online Orders & Payments module. 

All you need is your customer number and your surname as it appears on your statement. 

No special password required.  Also available on our Mobile Web Site.

You can do all of this with just a few clicks:

♦ Order one or more LPG gas bottles

Leave special delivery instructions for your home gas bottle delivery

Receive instant order confirmation of your gas bottle request

Check gas bottle delivery schedule and date of last gas bottle delivery

Download duplicate LPG gas invoices

Request your LPG gas invoices via e-mail

Check your LPG gas account balance

Make online LPG gas payments by credit card

How do I make an LPG gas payment?

You get your choice of eight different payment options. 
Please see our LPGenius Payment Options page for information on all of your choices.
What size LPG gas bottles do I need?

We have the right size gas bottles for your home  The bottles are sized to suit your requirements so you have plenty of gas when you need it. 
Please see our LPGenius Gas Bottle Sizes page for more information.
How is my LPG gas delivered?

You have the choice of two great LPG gas bottle delivery options with automatic tanker delivery and LPG gas bottle exchange. 
Please see our LPG Gas Supply Options page for full details.
In what areas does LPGenius delivery LPG gas bottles?

We supply virtually all of New Zealand. 
You receive state-of-the-art services from our local people at your local branch. 
How can I obtain more LPG gas information?

Please send us an Online Enquiry and we will get back to you with your answers.



Open a New LPG Gas Account Online


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We do it all for you including the return of any current bottles.  

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